One Week Old

One Week Old
Turquoise Boy

Friday, April 1, 2011

Winner's Circle

Alexander makes headway at the shows in Vallejo this weekend winning his class and moving and behaving well for Jeff and Blossom Heim who were both very busy in the Labrador and Newfoundland rings. Showing more maturity, Alexander is looking like he is having fun and has responded to rigorous training to appear calm and steady on lead and during the judge's hands on examination. Later this month he will meet up with Ed Bivin in Sacramento for a two day indoor show. I am very excited to continue in Alex's conditioning and training and with the expert handling of Jeff and Blossom Heim should make progress in the Winner's Circle.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Alexander Goes Back to the Ring

ALEXANDER finally returns to the show ring this March 24-27 in Vallejo, California for four separate shows. Entered in the 12-18 month puppy dog class, he will compete for Breed Points and a chance at Best of Breed. He has spent the past few months training for conditioning and obedience and has made great strides in his maturation process. I look forward to watching him in the ring with his Handler, Jeff Heim. See you at the show!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Best Puppy!

Alexander is awarded Best Puppy at the Wine Country Kennel Club show on Saturday and got a chance to compete in the Puppy Sporting Group.  With his new Handler, Jeff Heim, he is performing better and will become a formidable show dog. I am looking forward to future shows with this stunning and robust young Labrador!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stand For Exam

The job of the handler in the show ring is to allow the judge to see the best aspects of the dog including movement and expression. Alexander is in training for conditioning and ring presence and is learning to stand still for exam, including looking at his teeth. He is a formidable Labrador.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Misty Mountain Successful at Labrador Specialty in Pleasanton

Alexander meets up with his wonderful breeders Toni Leitao and Lorraine Yu from Misty Mountain Labradors in Washington State at the very stormy show in Pleasanton over the weekend. I have never been to a show with as much wind and rain as this show, better on Monday, but I had to hand it to the Judge who stayed in the rainy ring the entire time while judging over 80 Labradors.  Here you see Alex's sire, Zeus, the #5 Labrador in the USA who won Best of Breed at the All Breed show on Monday. In my opinion, he is the perfect yellow Labrador Retriever in temperament and type, with Alexander showing many of his good qualities already at almost a year old. When Toni sends them I will add some really nice photos of Alexander that he took at the show. Alexander will now be handled by my wonderful Newfoundland handler, Jeff Heim, who has a wonderful manner with dogs in the show ring. I look forward to seeing Alexander handled with the elegance and style that he deserves and that Jeff Heim is known for.  The lovely black bitch here is Prada, owned by Toni and Lorraine, and has a fabulous profile of a very feminine, sleek, and fit Labrador. She was Best Opposite Sex at the Specialty and throughout the weekend. We look forward to our next show at the Wine Country Kennel Club show in Napa. Alexander will be ready.

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Day in the Sun

With confidence to spare, Alexander wins his 6-9 puppy class over a very sweet and pretty Chocolate Labrador on Sunday in Dixon and takes the Best Puppy in the Classes Prize as well. There were no Puppy Groups on Sunday but we chose a lovely Pro Plan Black and Red towel for our trophy. All was going great until Alex found a huge piece of liver thrown by one of the Mastiff handlers in the ring before us. An irresistible catch, I had to try to distract Alex from trolling for more liver the entire remainder of time we were in the ring. I could tell that our Judge liked Alex's type and conformation. In the Winner's Reserve ring, Alex was a serious consideration but lost because he was fighting the lead as he was trying to find more goodies in the grass. We will have to practice gating on a loose lead as well as standing still. Perhaps next time I should use some liver so that his attention will be on me and not the grass. I will continue to train often and with consistency, but also enjoy this wonderful puppy stage which really doesn't last long. What I love most about Alexander in the ring is that he is still fearless, still confident, and stacks himself with such strength and determination. He is a dog of substance and beauty and deserves his Day in the Sun!!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Ready to swim, ready to fetch, ready to show his socks off, Alexander is much like his namesake, Alexander the Great: fearless, relentless, bold and beautiful. Alexander is ready to WIN!! Looking forward to his next shows in California, hopefully to win class ribbons, Best Puppy, and Best Puppy in Show. At only 8 months old, he is looking very mature and muscular. He is a formidable Labrador!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fun Show Weekend

Alexander swims away from his second AKC Conformation show with a blue ribbon for winning the 6-9 month puppy class. He is learning to stand for exam and is very comfortable now with showing his bite to the judge. Still a young puppy, it is always a learning experience and it takes some time to settle down from all the excitement of the show. We made great progress and Alex had a blast hanging out with his friends Sophie and Bella and of course, Hummer. Until the next show in three weeks, Alexander will have much to practice! For a Labrador, life is just so much fun!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Alexander's First Dog Show

Alexander wins the 6-9 puppy class at the Hangtown Kennel Club show in Placerville over Memorial Day weekend. Receiving several nice comments from the judges, he seems to enjoy himself in the ring and remains focused on me, and of course, the treats!! With a very competitive attitude, handsome stature and powerful movement, Alexander and I look forward to many more shows this year!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hangtown Kennel Club Dog Show

What do we have in store for us at the Hangtown Kennel Club Dog Show? Will there be a nice hotel and restaurant? Will the people be friendly? It takes place in Placerville in the Sierra foothills on the Memorial Day weekend and will be Alexander's first time in an official show along with several other Labradors from the Sierra Vista Labrador Retriever Club. Alex will be showing off his great personality and bone structure as well as his beautiful coat but will be mostly there to enjoy the company of his other friends and Hummer who will compete in the Newfoundland ring. When not in the show we will be hanging around and enjoying the wonderful dog show atmosphere. Hopefully we will be able to liven up that ghost town with some winning ribbons!!